Actor Recruitment





Andrew Long Head of L&D: Barclays Africa & ABSA

The extra value which comes from a Corporate Drama business role-player is the sheer quality of the feedback, rich in examples, insightful and entirely constructive. It's the difference between a good role-player and an exceptional one.

How to apply to join the team

Please read these guideline before contacting us, thank you

Please send an application email to [email protected]

Please detail both your role-play experience and your organisational/business experience

The more detailed you can be the better

We'd like to know why you think you'd be a good fit for The Corporate Drama Team

Please include a recent head-shot, one which looks like you if we were to meet you tomorrow

Please don't just send links to personal websites, show-reels and/or Spotlight pages

We don't much care for obvious 'cut and paste' emails (a top application tip!)

Please also consider these points before contacting us, thank you

If you don't posses organisational or business experience then you won't be a good fit for the team

We do reply to all emails, although typically we receive upwards of 20+ per week, so please be patient

We have a core team who have worked with us for many years, so we only recruit from time-to-time

If we want to consider you we will ask you to attend a meeting with our MD - Mark Huggins

We don't audition role-players, we prefer to meet to discuss your experience and skills