"We know exactly what it is like to work in a high-pressure business environment and we understand the challenges caused by relationships, people's behaviour and the many other influences your staff face each day" - Mark Huggins, MD & Owner

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Albert, but and they we
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Leadership by Fear – A Case Study
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Jill Robinson Head of Finance Business Management - Barclays Bank

We wanted to make our management development programme very different from anything our people had experienced before. Mark and the team at Corporate Drama developed this idea superbly, using Forum Theatre and bespoke role-play scenarios. The result was a unique learning experience, which brought about significant behavioural change in the way our teams approached their role as finance business partners.

Why does most development training fail?


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"Our dramatic difference is that all of our facilitators, coaches and business role-players have all 'walked the walk' - working in the real-world of business with all it's pressures, politics and relationship challenges" Mark Huggins, MD & Owner

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