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"There are no business problems, management problems, leadership problems or profit problems. There are only people problems."

Dan Waldershmidt - Business Guru

The cost of Employee Disengagement

Leading research means more of the UK workforce are disengaged than engaged...

Towers Watson's 2012 survey 'GLOBAL  WORKFORCE STUDY' identified 73% of the UK workforce was actively disengaged. More recently 'ENGAGE FOR SUCCESS' has reported that the situation hasn't measurably improved!

 Jack Welsh (CEO of General Electric) brilliantly straightforward take on the importance of actively engaged employees and their impact on an organisation

Here's our findings on the impact of disengaged employees and what Corporate Drama does to get them engaged and performing

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Deborah Wilson Owner: Pinpoint Solutions

We started working with Corporate Drama in 2003 and ever since they have been our first-choice partners and providers of business actors and role-players.    What makes them stand out in the market is easy to identify: they are all excellent business actors who give insightful and specific feedback, they have credibility through real commercial experience and it always impresses us the way they arrive fully prepared having done lots of background research on our clients and their businesses. Using Corporate Drama's business role-players brings theory to reality which truly embeds the learning.

How engaged are your people?


In Towers Watson's 2012 survey a staggering 73% of the UK workforce were found to be actively disengaged! A recent study by Engage For Success found that worryingly the situation hasn't measurably improved since then!

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"Our dramatic difference is that all of our facilitators, coaches and business role-players have all 'walked the walk' - working in the real-world of business with all it's pressures, politics and relationship challenges" Mark Huggins, MD & Owner

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