“How can I have more Presence and Gravitas?”

Here at Corporate Drama we frequently get asked this question. For many who attend our leadership programmes it’s their leadership question. For some it can be the equivalent of an elusive holy grail and we know how frustrating looking for those can be!

And yet the answer for many is actually very simple, awareness of your communication impact. It’s the feedback you rarely ever get in business life; how you come across to others and how your leadership messages land. Do they engage or disengage, motivate or demotivate?

With the data from high-quality 1st-person feedback you can develop a behavioural strategy to make your communication and your brand confidently congruent. Once you’ve practiced this new communication approach and seen the impact you then have the confidence to deliver authentic congruent leadership messages.


The metaphor we use is it’s frequently as simple as adjusting the dial on your communication – like that on an amplifier. Just by turning one dial one stop the change in how the music sounds is remarkable, it’s the same with your communication. In most cases we’re coaching around a subtle change in behaviour to improve impact, absolutely not major change or drastic surgery! The change in impact is always remarkable and noticeable.

Many of the people we work with, helping them develop their authentic presence or gravitas seem to think it’s about adopting a specific formula or learning a sequence of things to say or do. We found it’s more about developing your own authentic brand of presence and gravitas. Your very own communication congruence.

And here’s a frequent behaviour we encounter: speed of delivery.

What you want others to receive from your communication, your intent is:

  • Your passion
  • Your commitment to action
  • Your drive for success
  • Your expertise and knowledge
  • Reaching the goal
  • Challenging others

And there could be others….

However, the impact on your people is:

  • Too fast to disseminate what it is you’re actually saying
  • Your key message gets lost
  • What you consider a leadership strength is perceived as a weakness
  • Your passion is missed due to the speed of delivery
  • People can feel railroaded or pressurized into action
  • Ultimately your people may avoid you because of their previous experiences

So, your intent, your delivery and how your people receive your message are at odds!

Here we recommend using a well-known actor’s tip for effectively dealing with nerves and pressure; the very environment we know makes you speed-up your delivery.


And it works! If you abide by this simple technique it will slow your communication down!

Admittedly for some, when trying it for the first time, its like the world has gone into slow motion or “it felt like I was walking through a bath of treacle!”

When they learn of the change in impact from our business role-player who, in character gives them detailed feedback on their improved communication impact – then the learning light bulbs go on!

If we are linking leadership to proven motivational models such as MBTI, SDI or DISC then the learning becomes even more relevant. Our learners discover practical ways to build rapport and trust, to influence, to sell, to lead and to manage authentically, effectively and always congruently. This is personal brand and communication in harmony. It’s you confidently demonstrating your own authentic presence and gravitas.

For over 17-years we’ve been helping learners find their own authentic presence and gravitas. If you’d like to explore developing your communication impact, call The Corporate Drama Team today on 0208 088 2600

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