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Corporate Drama's Mission

We help business people learn the behaviours and relationship skills to create the very best companies in which to work... 

“There are no business problems, management problems, leadership problems or profit problems. There are only people problems.”

Dan Walershmidt - Business Guru

Corporate Drama's  People Management Training

Always bespoke, always dramatically different.  Here are some options:

Become their own authentic manager of people and processes

Motivate higher employee engagement & performance improvement

Demonstrate & articulate their personal brand & values

Motivate & inspire by focusing on the strengths of others

Build rapport through flexible communication with all

Resolve conflicts using assertive, congruent behaviour

Confidently trust and use their Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Build successful trust-based relationships with all stakeholders

Universal Truth #1: Get Management Training Wrong

The financial & reputational cost to your business:

  • Low productivity & profitability - it hits your bottom line
  • Less customer spend & loyalty - handing business to your competitors
  • Increased staff-churn & the high cost of replacing them
  • Increase in active employee dis-engagement & all the associated costs
  • More incidents of theft, work-based accidents & other problems
  • You're throwing your training investment straight down the drain!

Universal Truth #2: Get Management Training Right

The financial & reputational benefits to your business:

  • Increased productivity & profitability - it boosts your bottom line
  • Increased customer spend & loyalty - more recommendations & customers
  • Improves staff retention & loyalty. You're an employer of choice!
  • Increase in active employee engagement & all the associated benefits
  • Lower incidents of theft, work-based accidents & other problems
  • You can apply for 'The Sunday Times Best Companies To Work For'

Corporate Drama's  People Management Training Programmes:

9 Reasons why we are dramatically different from your average training company

1: We know that most management problems are actually people, team and relationship problems

2: Our management training allows your managers to practice their own real-life business relationship challenges in a safe, supportive and stretching training environment

3: Our management training explores proven management & relationship theory in a practical way, developing authentic behaviours - building your manager's awareness and confidence

4: We only use our in-house team of professionally trained business role-players, facilitators and coaches. All of whom have enjoyed successful business backgrounds

4: Your learners get what they rarely, if ever get in real-life - detailed feedback on their personal impact and influencing behaviour

6: We have over 16-years experience of designing and delivering dynamic, inspiring and pragmatic management training programmes

7: Your people managers gain the confidence to immediately transfer their new skills and behaviours successfully when back in the workplace

8: We work in partnership with you to measure the impact of your management training programme on your business. We help you measure the ROI on your training investment

9: Check out our client's testimonials and get in touch for a chat, today

Jill Robinson Head of Finance Business Management - Barclays Finance

We wanted to make our management development programme very different from anything our people had experienced before. Mark  and the team at Corporate Drama developed this idea superbly, using Forum Theatre and bespoke role-play scenarios. The result was a unique learning experience, which brought about significant behavioural change in the way our teams approached their role as finance business partners.

We work with leading brands, across many industries, from SMEs to FTSE 100s

"We know exactly what it is like to work in a high-pressure business environment and we understand the challenges caused by relationships, people's behaviour and the many other influences your staff face each day"  Mark Huggins, Owner & MD

A whole day of training in just 6-minutes!

Click on the video to see The Corporate Drama Team in action!

Find Your Voice - Your Free Appraisal

We've often asked by learners: how do I improve my personal impact, gravitas and presence? Here's our answer...

We've taken 3 of the most popular behavioural skills and created a complimentary appraisal service right here on our website!

Now you can get instant personalised feedback, top-tips and the traps to avoid on the following key skills:

How Assertive Am I?

Great Listening & Avoiding Assumptions

My Communication Style-Preference

Just click on the image and visit our 'Find Your Voice' page, choose which free appraisal you'd like to take...

And in just 10-minutes, you'll have your personalised report with lots of top-tips and traps to avoid emailed direct to your inbox!

P.S.  It's completely free and with our compliments!   Try it now!

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