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Our Learning & Development Mission

We help business people learn the behaviours and relationship skills to create the very best companies in which to work

"Our dramatic difference is that all of our facilitators, coaches and business role-players have all 'walked the walk' - working in the real-world of business with all it's pressures, politics and relationship challenges" 

Mark Huggins, MD & Owner

Our Culture & Values

We want people to enjoy successful and rewarding work-based relationships

This is at the heart of why we get out of bed every day! We help people develop confident, trusting and successful relationships with a whole host of different stakeholders. Your Customers, Your Team, Your Boss, Your Boss’s Boss, and Your Peers…you get the picture! The commercial and reputational benefits are considerable!

"At any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth, or to step back into safety"   Abraham Maslow 1908-1970

This is our mantra. We create safe yet challenging environments in which to learn, practice and improve. We're great at helping people get comfortable with experiential learning too. We encourage learners to go to the edge of their comfort-zones; this is where they learn the most about themselves. Cue the light-bulb moments!

We empower safe, challenging behavioural learning and development opportunities

When you work with us you’re working with a team of highly talented business actors, facilitators and coaches who know what it’s like to work in organisations. Why? Because we’ve done it! We can recreate those challenging and  pressurised situations for you to explore safely. This doesn’t mean its an easy ride, we make it as stretching as you want it to be. Then you get the best reward of all – specific feedback on your communication and personal impact, direct from the person you’ve just held a meeting with. It's the feedback you rarely if ever get in real-life!

We partner, we listen, we act...and we react!

We make no apology. We don’t do ‘off-the-shelf’ or ‘one-size-fits-all’ development solutions. When you commission us to design, develop and deliver experiential learning for your people that’s exactly what we do. That’s what makes it such a rewarding, memorable, transformational and transferable experience for your people. Btw: it’s also the best way to get the very best return on your training budget…’win-win’!

We keep our promises

We work hard to deliver the very best experiential drama-based learning for your organisation.  We’re proud of our impressive history, the many satisfied customers who return again and again for what we do.  We keep our promises, work hard and enjoy the process of helping people become behavioural more aware and confident.

We practice what we preach

We practice open, honest, assertive communication.  We don’t sugarcoat anything. We’re proud of our record of delivering incisive high-quality 1st-person feedback to all participants we have the honour of working with.

We face challenges with optimism, innovation and creativity

You’ll know this when you work with us.  As with all things, life throws spanners when you least need them! We respond with what we know we’re really good at: Creativity and Innovation. It’s got our clients, and us out of hot water on a few occasions and is always the reason for an extra-special post-programme celebration!

We definitely aren't a 'bunch of out-of-work-luvvies'!

Not this old chestnut again! A popular mis-conception is that any actor makes a good role-player.  Sorry, wrong! Thanks for playing!  We’re a team of business actors, facilitators and coaches and importantly we all have organisational backgrounds.  This means we have the cultural experience and the muscle-memory of commercial environments. This unique combination makes a big difference in the quality of the facilitation, coaching and role playing and the learning experience your people have.

We want your feedback so we can improve what we do and how we do it

We like to know what we do well, what you value when working with us and where and how we can improve. We’re rightly very proud of our longstanding client relationships and our client's kind testimonials.

We want to share in your organisation's success

We know the impact of an actively engaged workforce. The significant increase in profits, profitability and a whole host of other commercial and reputational benefits.  Our developing your people to be more motivated, achieve consistently higher levels of performance and to be more personally satisfied in their working environment means success for us all.

We believe in passion, performance and learning whilst having fun

We’ve built a very successful business by doing just that. Come and find out what all our existing customers already know!

Mark Huggins - Managing Director and Owner

Deborah Wilson Owner: Pinpoint Solutions

We started working with Corporate Drama in 2003 and ever since they have been our first-choice partners and providers of business actors and role-players.    What makes them stand out in the market is easy to identify: they are all excellent business actors who give insightful and specific feedback, they have credibility through real commercial experience and it always impresses us the way they arrive fully prepared having done lots of background research on our clients and their businesses. Using Corporate Drama's business role-players brings theory to reality which truly embeds the learning.

How engaged are your people?


In Towers Watson's 2012 survey a staggering 73% of the UK workforce were found to be actively disengaged! A recent study by Engage For Success found that worryingly the situation hasn't measurably improved since then!

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