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"We know exactly what it is like to work in a high-pressure business environment and we understand the challenges caused by relationships, people's behaviour and the many other influences your staff face each day" - Mark Huggins, MD & Owner

Bespoke Role-play & Training since 1999

Your people learn, practice and improve in a safe, yet challenging environment

Corporate Drama was launched in 1999 and quickly established itself as the leading provider of professional business role-players and bespoke training delivery in both the public and private sector.

Corporate Drama’s significant differentiator is that every business role-player, coach and facilitator in the team has operational business experience. All our business role-players are professionally trained actors with successful acting and business careers. The benefit to the client is that every one of the Corporate Drama's behaviour experts understands the cultural and political environment of private and public sector commercial operations. This combined with the teams considerable and diverse role-play and training delivery  experience across numerous business sectors, working in partnership with SMEs to FTSE 100 organisations, ensures considerable levels of environmental understanding, experience and realism.

Corporate Drama is a specialist team of 50 professional business role-players, facilitators and qualified coaches, managed by owner Mark Huggins. Extensively used in assessment and learning & development centres; the team are all highly experienced having worked in this field for many years.

Using Mark’s corporate and acting career as a benchmark it was decided that a core competency of Corporate Drama’s value proposition was that every member of the team should have organisational experience and be a professionally trained actor. Members of the team come from many different types of organisational background giving each Corporate Drama's behaviour experts the muscle memory of organisational culture, politics and environment. This places the team at a higher level of competency than say a resting actor with no business background to speak of.

This unique selling point was quickly recognised by Corporate Drama’s clients as a major benefit in quality of delivery. Over the last 16-years Corporate Drama have partnered on the delivery of numerous assessment and development centres. Clients have ranged from SMEs to public sector organisations and government departments to blue chip companies: law firms, finance, manufacturing, retail, telecoms, hotels, IT, infrastructure, engineering, pharmaceutical, medical and insurance. As a team we have unrivaled experience of working in assessment and development centres both for the public and private sectors. We have worked assessing both behavioural and technical competencies and adept at providing both verbal and written, constructive feedback as an integral way in which we work.

Corporate Drama behaviour experts are all specialists in delivery of 1-2-1 Scenarios, Group role-plays, Forum Theatre, REAL-PLAY scenarios. Each member of the team is expert in delivering high quality first person action-focused feedback in both written and/or verbal form. Ongoing individual development and feedback ensures that the Corporate Drama  team is delivering the highest quality role-play in a consistent way.

This has been the secret of our success: bespoke quality, consistency of delivery and at a fair price. Check out our client's testimonials and get in touch for a chat, today.

Mark Huggins - Managing Director and Owner

Deborah Wilson Owner: Pinpoint Solutions

We started working with Corporate Drama in 2003 and ever since they have been our first-choice partners and providers of business actors and role-players.    What makes them stand out in the market is easy to identify: they are all excellent business actors who give insightful and specific feedback, they have credibility through real commercial experience and it always impresses us the way they arrive fully prepared having done lots of background research on our clients and their businesses. Using Corporate Drama's business role-players brings theory to reality which truly embeds the learning.

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"Our dramatic difference is that all of our facilitators, coaches and business role-players have all 'walked the walk' - working in the real-world of business with all it's pressures, politics and relationship challenges" Mark Huggins, MD & Owner

We work with leading brands, across many industries, from SMEs to FTSE 100s

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