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Andrew Long Head of L&D: Barclays Africa & ABSA

The extra value which comes from a Corporate Drama business role-player is the sheer quality of the feedback, rich in examples, insightful and entirely constructive. It's the difference between a good role-player and an exceptional one.

Our expertise is learning by doing

We give you the feedback you rarely ever get at work - how your behavioural choices impact on others!

Your participant's very own bespoke challenging conversation

They complete a simple REAL-PLAY pro-forma brief

They describe the challenging situation and the other person's behaviour

We bring their challenging scenario alive

We give them detailed 'in-character' feedback to raise their awareness & build confidence

We create a bespoke Forum Theatre scenario which is culturally authentic to your business

The scenario is played-out in front of your participants for them to observe and critique

Hot- seat and Mind-tap: They can question the behaviour and motivation of the protagonists

The audience coaches the protagonists for a successful outcome

We re-run the scene with the audience judging and commenting on the chosen behaviour

We create bespoke scenarios which are culturally authentic to your business

The challenging scenario is played-out between your learner and our business role-player

We give detailed first-person feedback to raise participant's awareness and to build confidence

Key learning can be re-run to ensure confident transfer to their real-life working environment

Where can you use role-play ?

Personal Impact & Influence

Performance Management

Authentic & Dynamic Leadership

Emotional Intelligence & Assertiveness

Successfully Managing  Conflict

Business Partnering Relationships

Sales Skills & Pitching to clients

Team Building & Team Leadership

Employee Engagement & Motivation

Diversity, Bullying & Harassment

Your Customer's Journey & Experience 

Presentations & Team Briefings

"We know exactly what it is like to work in a high-pressure business environment and we understand the challenges caused by relationships, people's behaviour and the many other influences your staff face each day"

What does it look like?

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Filmed in partnership with Personal Strengths UK Ltd

Corporate Drama's Mission

We help business people learn the behaviours and relationship skills to create the very best companies in which to work... 

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How Assertive Am I?

Great Listening & Avoiding Assumptions

My Communication Style-Preference

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