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Craig Watters Associate Director: 4-Most Europe Ltd

What is very different about Corporate Drama's training is their approach, their ability to be agile, flexible and to create a bespoke training solution - which exactly meets our people's development needs. Their programmes have allowed our people to understand relationship & business theory and then immediately practice new behaviours in as close to real-life situation as possible. The quality of both the feedback and the coaching from the Corporate Drama training team is really excellent. We are delighted with the quality and consistency of their training programmes.

Our Training Solutions: Always bespoke

Always dramatically different

We give you the feedback you rarely ever get at work - how your behavioural choices impact on others!

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We work with leading brands, across many industries, from SMEs to FTSE 100s

"We know exactly what it is like to work in a high-pressure business environment and we understand the challenges caused by relationships, people's behaviour and the many other influences your staff face each day"

Corporate Drama's Mission

We help business people learn the behaviours and relationship skills to create the very best companies in which to work... 

Find Your Voice - Your Free Appraisal

We've often asked by learners: how do I improve my personal impact, gravitas and presence? Here's our answer...

We've taken 3 of the most popular behavioural skills and created a complimentary appraisal service right here on our website!

Now you can get instant personalised feedback, top-tips and the traps to avoid on the following key skills:

How Assertive Am I?

Great Listening & Avoiding Assumptions

My Communication Style-Preference

Just click on the image and visit our 'Find Your Voice' page, choose which free appraisal you'd like to take...

And in just 10-minutes, you'll have your personalised report with lots of top-tips and traps to avoid emailed direct to your inbox!

P.S.  It's completely free and with our compliments!   Try it now!

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