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The Problem

It’s not personal; it’s interpersonal

People join companies but leave people. Dysfunctional behaviours poison the workplace atmosphere; adversely affect performance and damage both productivity and profits.

Policies, systems, manuals and programmes can never make up for the damage done by leaders, managers and supervisors who are deficient in personal awareness and social skills.

Successful, sustainable performance stems from people who know how to talk, listen and interrelate with one another. They create a virtuous circle, sustaining an atmosphere and culture that in turn motivates and engages others.

Our Solution

Dramatically different training

We transform your people’s communication and relationship skills. Our award-winning development programmes explore proven theory and models – practically and experientially. We use the skills of professional business role-players in this process. Our learning-by-doing methodology engages learners allowing them to explore and test different approaches in a safe, yet challenging real-life environment.

Your learners receive valuable first-person feedback, directly raising their awareness of their interpersonal impact. Developing a confident authentic personal brand.

Most importantly our training will leave a measurable, visible impact throughout your entire organisation.

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building successful trust-based relationships


confidently deploying their personal brand and interpersonal impact


authentically leading and managing high-performing teams

More productive

actively engaged employees are 18% more productive*

More profitable

a 16% increase in profit when teams are actively engaged*

Lower Role Turnover

retain more talent with a 49% reduction in role churn*
* The Gallup Organisation
Transforming your people
Work brings pressures, politics and relationship challenges
People are unique, with different strengths. What motivates one de-motivates another.

Workplace conflict undermines performance and productivity.

Organisations are unique, with different sector challenges.

Our bespoke drama-based training transforms workplace relationships.

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Happy Customers
“The Corporate Drama Team provide participants with real experiential learning. Their combination of acting skills, business experience and practical guidance and coaching has made for many outstanding sessions with very powerful learning for our teams at NEC Group. Some people are resistant to role-play as a learning tool. The sensitive way in which all of Mark’s team handle this challenge had even the most nervous, sceptical participant identifying clear and positive actions to confidently implement back in the workplace. We plan to extend the use of Corporate Drama in training across all parts of The NEC Group.”

Steve Russell
Group Development Consultant: NEC Group

“We commissioned Corporate Drama to help with the production of an in-house anti-bullying and harassment video initiative. Mark Huggins understood the brief immediately, he explored approaches and design finishes with us, suggesting ideas we had not thought of. He and The Corporate Drama Team added significant value with their creativity and ideas which resulted in a powerful and emotionally engaging end-product. The scripting and translation have given us a tool which will have enduring use and is highly bespoke.”

Joann Robertson
Science Gateway: DSTL

“Working with The Corporate Drama team made our Strategy Launch a real success. Our employees still talk about it today. The planning, scripting and actors were all first class and together delivered a memorable and impactful event. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mark and his team.”

Emma Clancy
CEO: Certsure LLP

Traditional Training versus Our Approach
Practice makes perfect. The best way to improve your people’s management, leadership, influencing, customer service or selling skills is to create as close to a real-life environment as possible.

This gives them the confidence to put the ‘practice into action’ back into their ever-challenging, real-life working environments.

  • Real-life Learning by Doing 95%
  • Fun & Challenging Learning Experience 70%
  • Individual Feedback & Coaching 85%
  • Measurable Workplace Actions 75%
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Is your virtual team virtually working?

In the not so distant past, leading and managing a team was a far easier job. Whether you were a line manager, small business owner or a corporate director, your team were generally in close physical proximity to you (same building), worked a similar daily schedule and were in the same time zone as you – today things are very different.

People Pains – Ash’s Story

Businesses around the world have discovered a simple truth; how their employees engage and build relationships, with both internal and external customers, defines careers. It’s no longer sufficient to be valued as an expert, technical specialist and advocate; the way you communicate and connect to your stakeholders is equally valued as a competency.

50+ experienced role players, facilitators and coaches
Jacqueline Mackenzie Gray

Jacqueline Mackenzie Gray

Managing Director

Facilitator & Coach

Helen Millar

Helen Millar

Business Role-player

Facilitator & Coach

Rebecca Porter

Rebecca Porter

Business Role-player

Facilitator & Coach

Chris Hancock

Chris Hancock

Business Role-player

Roger Lloyd-Thompson

Roger Lloyd-Thompson

Business Role-player

Facilitator & Coach

Lawrence Russel

Lawrence Russel

Business Role-player

We’ve walked
the walk
All of our trainers, coaches and role-players have worked in the real-world of business, with all its pressures, politics and relationship challenges

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