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Changing the future of Workplace Training

Dramatically transforming workplace training since 1999

Our interactive, dynamic learning experiences use business role-play actors for your specific workplace challenges. We make training memorable, transferable and measurable.

They say that ‘practice makes perfect.’ But theory in a classroom is not practice… actually doing something different is. So, the best way to improve your staff’s management, leadership, influencing, customer service or selling skills is to create as close to a real-life environment as possible.

The Corporate Drama team of facilitators, coaches and business actors bring something very different to each client project. Our experience.

All of our team have ‘walked the walk’ working in the real world of business, with all of its politics, pressures and relationship challenges. This means your people have a very different training experience, one that is as close to real-life as possible. This gives them the confidence to put the ‘practice into action’ back in their ever-challenging working environments.

We are proud to work in partnership with independent training companies, in-house L&D teams and leading brands from SME’s to FTSE 100s.

Our approach

From supplying one role-player to the design and delivery of bespoke training programmes

Traditional Training versus Our Approach

Practice makes perfect. The best way to improve your people’s management, leadership, influencing, customer service or selling skills is to create as close to a real-life environment as possible.

This gives them the confidence to put the ‘practice into action’ back into their ever-challenging, real-life working environments.

  • Real-life Learning by Doing 90%
  • Fun & Challenging Learning Experience 70%
  • Individual Feedback & Coaching 85%
  • Measurable Workplace Actions 75%

Forum Theatre

Bringing workplace behaviour alive in the training room
When exploring business relationships, communication and behaviour what better than to bring it alive, right there in the training room.

This is Forum Theatre. Our business role-players bring a workplace scenario alive. The opportunity for a group of learners to explore specific communications and behaviours, what works and what doesn’t.

When we observe people engaged in a real-life workplace conversation, one happening just a few feet away, we immediately become more connected and engaged. We’re more aware of the impact of their behavioural choices. Its human nature at work! As human beings we can’t help but get involved, to have an opinion and to want to fix what is so clearly wrong.

In Forum Theatre the audience can explore different communication techniques though making suggestions to the actors. They can try-out different approaches and see the outcomes. The actors share their feedback, how it felt for their character, what was the impact of trying a communication approach.


Holding-up a mirror to my very own challenging workplace scenario
When learning new approaches to relationship challenges it’s vital to get as close to real-life as possible. By holding-up-a-mirror and exploring how these approaches can work in the most important relationships you have – the people in your workplace.

Only then can you develop the awareness to put the practice back into confident action when you return to work. This way you can make a measurable difference to those important relationships.

Corporate Drama’s real-play allows participants to detail their unique challenge in an easy to use pro-forma. By answering a few simple questions detailing the type of person they find challenging and the typical scenario they face. Our professional business role-players become that character in a matter of minutes!

Participants can try-out different approaches and receive detailed feedback from our role-players. They learn the communication impact of these approaches on their real-life business challenge.

Typically facilitated in small pod-groups of 4-6 participants.

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Established in 1999 – We work with people from leading brands from SMEs to FTSE 100s

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