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Presentation & Personal Impact: NEC Group Senior Leaders

The NEC Group is a live entertainment business with world-class expertise in venue and destination management.

Important then that the Senior Leadership team confidently communicated the vision and mission of the business to their people.

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Leading Through Change: Certsure LLP

Certsure provides professional certification and support services to customers across the building sector, specifically electricians and electrical installation specialists.

The sector is heavily regulated with new revisions of ‘the book’ on an annual basis. The changes contained in these regulations can create a multitude of challenges for business operators, their staff, their customers and the public. These regulation changes are frequently regarded as overly bureaucratic and blockers to effective business.

Certsure wanted to find a way of helping leaders fully engage with the changes; taking different communication approaches with their stakeholders. This new approach would ensure the changes were actioned successfully and that the associated stakeholder benefits were fully realised.

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Relationship Intelligence: 4-Most Europe Ltd

4-Most Europe Ltd is a specialist risk consultancy delivering successful and cost effective solutions across the UK and internationally. They consult direct with their financial services clients, frequently embedding specialist consultant teams into client operations and facilities.

We’d previously helped their consultant teams with Presentation and Influencing skills workshops and the senior leader audience with Emotionally Intelligent Leadership.

The business’ new challenge was in developing their consultant audience, these were technically brilliant financial modellers, many of whom were new to the responsibilities of effective managing of client stakeholder relationships.

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Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: 4-Most Europe Ltd

We designed a bespoke 4-module programme; incorporating industry-leading psychometric testing & feedback, personal 360-feedback reports, emotional intelligence and proven leadership, management and communication models and tools.

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Maximising Performance: Global Infrastructure Organisation

Having successfully rolled-out a new performance management process in the UK our client wanted the same development opportunity to be afforded their SE Asia and USA teams.

The primary difference in the new system was the emphasis on more frequent ‘in the moment’ performance conversations and the development of managers ability to hold successful performance coaching conversations.

The organisation’s strategic objectives were to ensure a level of manager constancy in all performance conversation globally.

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Selling for the Reluctant: Global Accountancy Organisation

Our client is a leading global accountancy firm with offices in London, Europe, USA, Hong Kong and Australasia.

The organisational culture was to recruit and/or promote technical specialists; people with excellent accountancy skills. This was limiting in terms of business development, as this population typically were reluctant to engage in selling, either their specific skills and expertise or their organisation. It was decided that following a development programme new competencies on business development would be added to role profiles and appropriate objectives set.

The challenge to the business was in developing a new culture of confident and successful business development within the specialist population.

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