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People Pains – Paul’s Story

How to repair a toxic manager?

“After 20-years of research and 60,000 exit interviews, 80% of staff turnover can be related to unsatisfactory relationships with the boss”
Saratoga Institute, a division of PWC

Outstanding Performers don’t automatically make great leaders. Both the personal and organisational cost is significant.

How did Corporate Drama help Paul find a way to repair his toxic leadership brand?

Our dramatically different approach is to help managers and leaders develop their emotional intelligence (EQ). This is done through helping them identify what makes them tick – what motivates them, their strengths and their blind spots. Most importantly, how they show this in their day-to-day behaviour and communication.

Then we look at whom they have important relationships with. What makes these people tick? How do they choose to communicate and behave? Frequently, we discover there are differences here, relationship conflict. We explore how to manage this conflict when they actively engage with their stakeholders.

We give them tools and techniques to develop their authentic leadership brand. We explore assertiveness and influencing and what makes a successful trust-based relationship.

Then we let them practice their newfound awareness to build new levels of confidence.

Our practice involves real-life scenarios, practiced using professional business role-player actors. The first-person feedback helps managers and leaders, like Paul, to use their learning directly back in the workplace.

All the Corporate Drama team – our facilitators, coaches and business role-players have all walked the walk, working in the real world of business with all of its politics, pressures and relationship challenges.

Our clients gave us this great feedback


Mark and the Corporate Drama team has delivered several management leadership training programmes across different levels of our company – always professional, passionate and dedicated to provide the very best training tailored to our specific needs.

I can only say that Mark’s method of real experiential learning has worked and made a real difference in my team!

Judit Sandor, Learning & Development Manager: 4-Most Europe Ltd

Here at Corporate Drama we develop authentic leaders, managers and teams. Our programmes re-energise, re-focus and re-engage your people. We dramatically transform workplace training leaving a measurable, visible impact throughout your entire organisation.

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