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Presentation Skills Training by CorporateDrama

The creators of the “Presentation & personal impact” training course

We used Corporate Drama to develop and deliver our global performance management programs. Their innovative use of Business Role Players and their amazing skill of understanding significant commercial issues have allowed us to deliver a truly world-class performance management programme and assist us in driving home the behavioural changes required. These programs have helped prepare our operational teams for tackling a global business transformation.

Our unique solutions

Dramatically different training

We transform your people’s communication and relationship skills. Our award-winning development programmes explore proven theory and models – practically and experientially. We use the skills of professional business role-players in this process. Our learning-by-doing methodology engages learners allowing them to explore and test different approaches in a safe, yet challenging real-life environment.

Your learners receive valuable first-person feedback, directly raising their awareness of their interpersonal impact. Developing a confident authentic personal brand.

Most importantly our training will leave a measurable, visible impact throughout your entire organisation.

Your Presentation Skills Course

Presentation & Personal Impact

People who know what they’re talking about don’t need PowerPoint

1-2 days

6-10 people

From £350 per delegate per day (ex VAT)

or call 0208 088 2600

“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere”
Lee Lacocca, CEO Chrysler Corporation

Possibly the most exposing and stressful activity of any manager or leader is when they have to make a presentation. The person’s ability to successfully communicate their key message to colleagues, direct reports or customers is one, which strikes dread in the most seasoned of leaders. Made worse by the prevalence of Ted talks where confident, relaxed, engaging leaders stroll confidently around a space, whilst being filmed! PowerPoint first regarded as the saviour of presentations with its animations and endless bullet points is now seen as a guaranteed audience dis-engager. What is a leader to do?

Our Presentation & Personal Impact programme develops authentic, confident speakers.

We use proven psychological models and surveys, respected communication research and theory and we let leaders try these on for comfort, style and fit.  Our learning-by-doing methodology builds authentic manager awareness and confidence. Our team of behaviour experts and actors have all worked in business environments, and have experienced real-world relationship challenges, politics and pressures first hand.

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Established in 1999 – We work with people from leading brands from SMEs to FTSE 100s

86% of our customers are repeat customers – coming back for more of our dynamic training programmes.

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